About JR Spear

When I served in the military, I was attacked, bombed, and ambushed—more than once. As a Sailor in enemy territory, I expected to be ambushed. We were trained to react without thinking, to go on autopilot and fight back.

There was no time or room to whine about what had happened or to ignore the problem. For us, the stakes were the ultimate kind—life or death. If we wanted to get home to our families, and protect the other Marines and Sailors standing to our left and right, we had to be prepared, avoid attack, and react when necessary.

When I got out of the military, I went into business for myself. I was relatively successful and started expanding. I was dreaming big and taking the steps to get to that next level when, out of nowhere, an ambush nearly took everything away from me.

For a moment, I was paralyzed. What was I going to do? How was I going to pay the bills? Take care of my family?

Then I realized a very important lesson. Ambushes can happen anywhere, in any kind of setting, and to any business. Most of us aren’t ready for these sneak attacks, and we end up making decisions from a place of panic or no decision at all.

I have been where you are. I have started new businesses, terrified they were going to fail. I have made a fortune and expanded businesses to multiple countries, and I have lost everything and started over again. I know how it feels to be terrified that your hard work will disappear.

Hi, my name is JR Spear and I'm a Christian, husband, father, speaker, author, founder of CREED Consulting and partner of Business Leaders Network...

On February 7, 2007 I survived a suicide bombing at a walking checkpoint in Barwana, Iraq. Since my return from the hot desert of Iraq in 2007 I've built several successful businesses ranging from the fitness and martial arts industry, marketing and advertising, to consulting...

My mission is to arm small business owners with the right tools and resources needed to grow their business, giving them the direct path to bypass the struggles I had to endure so they can achieve the life and business they desire...

Since 2017 I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs 2x, 5x, even 10x their businesses by implementing the proper STEPS; Structure, Technology, Efficiencies, Processes, that leads to Scalability.

During my free time you will find me spending time with my wife, wrestling and playing with my kids, enjoying the outdoors, teaching martial arts, exercising and working out (I love cardio hahaha), and playing the guitar or piano.